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February 13th, 2010, 12:45
Seems the only good thing is the title - at first it appears very apt if you understand the concept, it is strange that there are not many gothic gamers who do, within the gothic series the gods were never really forsaken, they only appeared to be for a time until a solution was found. So retrospectively appyling the core concept progression of "conflict of the gods" and it's so-called after effect "forsaken gods" does not conceptually exist and therefore completely trashes the title. The game's concept title was doomed before it ever left the drawing board as the solution was built into the previous games. The game was intended to be a transition, a stepping stone into 'Arcania: A Gothic Tale' - it failed miserably, both practically and conceptually and therefore could never 'rightfully' be the fourth instalment of the Gothic series.
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