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February 13th, 2010, 22:28
Originally Posted by mooninja View Post
I just don't think it was a very witty, or fitting jab myself. So all angsty female spell casters are Morrigan analogs ? She doesn't seem very similar to Morrigan other than the angst, and magic…. It does seem like a dig at DA just to do it.
It's not just a dig at DA, which is one of my favourite games from the last several years. Anders sounds and looks very similar, even down to the humour - "well good luck with that" is pure Alistair to me. Angsty female casters with a similar (same?) haircut and the same staff - yes, I'm going to think of Morrigan. I admit on re-watching the voice isn't anywhere near as close as I first thought it was.


While I don't think a forum thread proves much, a bunch of people saying "I can't believe they made a white-haired Morrigan!" must at least suggest it might be an issue.

All that said, the video is a few seconds. The in-game experience may be vastly different. My suspicion, however, is that since both Morrigan and Alistair are unavailable as party-members, BioWare intentionally made replacements to lessen the blow to some fans.
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