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February 17th, 2010, 19:45
Far Cry 2
I grabbed this game to satisfy my graphic needs and to play a decent shooter.Having not played the original Far Cry I didn't know what to expect but from what I've read it's not really similar to the predecessor.
Far Cry 2 is a sand box shooter with everything that you might expect from such a game.Your playing a merc in Africa send to kill some weapons dealer,so far the story has been non existent and I've spent most of my time looking for diamonds to upgrade my weapons,and driving to get to the other end of the map.
The game tries to be realistic and succeeds if you don't mind the constant respawning and a few other details.The game looks good,it's no Crysis,but I guess that it might have been on of the great looking games in 2008.The environment could have been more affected by the players actions and the physics could be better,there is however a unique feature as fire can spread and help you get rid of the enemies.
After completing about 1/4 of the game I can say that after completing your 1st,you've seen them all.
My biggest beef with this game is that it's just not as fun as other shooters.I wouldn't say it's boring like Beth's latest shooter but I'm not having a blast like in most of the shooters I've played,maybe getting better gear will help this but I doubt it.
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