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February 20th, 2010, 06:27
Originally Posted by Konjad View Post
I never managed to see what's happening in Dwarf Fortress in many situations. It's not clear enough for me but graphic mods helps a lot.
Well, I can't anymore, but that's more an issue with being blind as a bat than with Dwarf Fortress. It's got alot to do with what you're used to. And I grew up with indistinguishable blobs on the C64. ASCII symbols are highly clear and precise for me. At least when the screen isn't so blurry that they turn into indistinguishable blobs.

I still have my limits on graphics. If it has a poor color scheme (Phantasie III for MS DOS), or the graphics are so poorly made that I can't tell a sword from a staff, then I'm out. I'm too old and don't have enough time to sit there and try and figure out the graphics of a game just to play it anymore.
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