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Default Netbook for classic RPGs, at last I bought it. :)

February 21st, 2010, 19:01
Hello my friends,

I was thinking about buying a netbook for a long time, and this week I bought a netbook finally. Now there are some Windows 7 and Atom N450 models, but I prefered old technology: Windows XP for maximum compability and N270 for the gmabooster. Gmabooster only works on gma950 model graphic cards (old netbook graphics card). N450 has the graphic unit integrated on its CPU. So, low power usage and heat, but downside you can't use gmabooster. GMA450 graphic cards can work in 400 mhz. But, due to the lower power consuming in the netbooks, the GPU clock is lowered deliberately to 166 mhz. With the gmabooster you can increase the speed to 400 mhz without heat increase.

Anyway, I bought a Lenovo S10-2. It has N270, 1 gb ddr2-667 mhz, 64 mb gma 450, Windows XP SP3 on it. Since it has relatively old technology, it's rather cheap according to the other netbook models.

After I brought my new and tiny machine to home, I began to install old and classic RPGs. (I'm using an external dvd-rom drive by the way) My first game is Wizards&Warriors. Now this is a game that has a lots of problems on new Nvidia cards (gts250 on my main gaming rig). To my great joy, it runs flawlessly in direct3d mode. There are some fps drops when there are so many monsters on the screen. But, since it is a turn-based game it is no issue for me. By the way, I tried W&W on a win7, n450 netbook. And it has some graphic flickering issue in direct3d mode, but runs fine on software mode.

Then I tried my games that I bought from gog: Arcanum, Lionheart, Arx Fatalis, Vampire: Redemption, Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Septerra Core, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Gothic 2 Gold, Might&Magic 6 LE, Stonekeep, Sanitarium. They all run fine in my tiny monster. Only games that I didn't try were Die By The Sword and Sacred. I didn't try Sacred, because it has the default resolution 1024*768 and netbook screens do not support this.

It's so nice to play my classic games on my lap when I'm in my bed. I remember to play them on bigger, noisy machines.

So I made a list that can be played on my standart netbook in order to be a guidance to my fellow retro gamers:

- Anvil Of Dawn (with dosbox)
- Arcanum (gog version)
- Arx Fatalis (gog version)
- Baldur's Gate 1
- Baldur's Gate 2
- Baldur's Gate Tutu
- Beyond Divinity (gog version)
- Diablo 1
- Diablo 2
- Discworld 1 (with scummvm)
- Discworld 2 (with scummvm)
- Discworld Noir
- Divine Divinity (gog version)
- Drakan
- Dungeon Siege: Legends Of Aranna
- Eye Of The Beholder Trilogy (with dosbox)
- Fallout 1 (gog version)
- Fallout 2 (gog version)
- Freedom Force (after 1,3 patch that solves a XP SP2 issue)
- Freelancer
- Gorasul
- Gothic 2 Gold (gog version)
- Icewind Dale
- Kings Quest 8
- Lands Of Lore 1 (with dosbox)
- Lands Of Lore 2
- Lands Of Lore 3
- Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
- Lionheart (gog version)
- Might&Magic 6 (gog version)
- Might&Magic 7 (after XP patch)
- Might&Magic 8 (after XP patch)
- Might&Magic 9
- Neverhood
- Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition (lags heavily on some areas)
- Odium (Gorky 17)
- Planescape Torment
- Pool Of Radiance 2
- Return To Krondor
- Revenant (only software mode though, direct3d mode do not run on xp sp3)
- Sanitarium
- Seal Of Evil
- Septerra Core (gog version)
- Silver (with unofficial graphic patch)
- Soulbringer
- Stonekeep (gog version)
- Temple Of Elemental Evil
- Throne Of Darkness
- Ultima 5: Lazarus
- Ultima 9
- Vampire The Masquarade: Redemption (gog version)
- Wizardry 8
- Wizards&Warriors

I am going to upgrade the list after I will try new games.
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