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February 22nd, 2010, 18:18
Just been playing through Gothic III and thought I would make a few comments.
My general impressions are good overall but I want to rant a bit about some minor annoyances. (Possible Spoilers).

One thing is availability. This refers to what you can get, and that means well you just can't get some things or if you do get them you don't know that their value is more than you may suspect. Like the carrots. Who knew you could use them for stew later on. Well that is a minor one. But along those lines poison, or make poison, and then the almost ungodly cost of decent armor. I put all these under the availability heading. So then you have to find the person who can teach you how to make poison, and of course it's not the guy who can teach you how to make poison arrows. Stuff like that really gets on my nerves. I am playing the alternative balancing but that just limits your characters overall point total, not the availability of things.

The next one relates to the plethora of quests. To me it is really over the top a list of quests, read missions, as long as your arm. Every town seems to have some dozen or so things you need to do for them. Seems they went a bit quest happy as compared to I and II. I don't mind doing a certain number of these, and it's fun to run into someone and just get xp since you already solved their problem for them without even getting the quest.

All in all I like the game but I think they need to smooth over what for me are some of the more tedious aspects of the game. Some things should just be there.
All the cheesy recipies should just be at the start. Why bother putting meatbug ragou on a merchant in Nordmar? I suppose it just uses a standard merchant palatte. And work on that economy you should not have to be 30th level or higher to afford some decent armor and weapons, I'm talking in the 40,000 range.
They seem to limit how much you can make with how much you can get of any particular item, ore for instance. Like I could make 100's of swords and sell them, which was an exploit in Gothic I and II. That's a good thing, but never being able to get the armor you need is just a pain. I suppose someone may award some armor or you find something. I'm in the dark snapper leather which seems a bit light for my level. I'm 80/80/70 AC (resitant to heat). Oh well just some thoughts on the game.
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