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February 22nd, 2010, 22:08
I play much slower than you, Maylander, so you'll probably finish several more playthroughs before I finish one, but I'm focusing on magic missile and mage blast for offense. I took whirlwind at the beginning, just to bash chests I'll take explosive arrows once I hit 15, but I see no reason for most of the ranger tree. I just keep starting over, which is always my hangup. I love the beginning areas of games. Did you ever increase your potion ability? I was wondering if that would ever prove useful.

Why Magic Missile? Because you can cast it every second and dual-wielding weapons with magic damage should allow you to do ridiculous amounts of damage. I was hitting for 100+ with every missile at level 14. That's without any enchants on the weapons other than what they came with. I'll use a dagger that does 0-1 damage melee if it has a nice magic damage bonus!

MIA: Bartacus, DArtagnan, Dhruin, dteowner, GhanBuriGhan, JemyM, JonNik, kalniel, magerette, Prime Junta, skavenhorde, vurt, Wulf, Zachary, et al.
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