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February 23rd, 2010, 00:49
Originally Posted by Konjad View Post
Netbooks are useless, you'd do better buying 'normal' notebook. Whatever though, your choice. For old games you could make a second partition on ur laptop with Windows XP/98 for old games.

BTW I wouldn't play 3D games on that graphic card, play NWN, Gothic etc on your standard computer.
My thought exactly.

Before I got my current notebook(MSI GT725) I started off look at various other gaming handhelds, e.g. PSP, etc. Then decided that all but the PSP were grossly overpriced for what they were given the cost of a netbook. So at that point I started looking at netbooks and found that the only semi-useful one would be one with a dedicated GPU, ASUS IIRC w/GF 9300 switchable to the laughable Intel integrated "GPU", however the one with a decent sized hdd brought it up to as much as a low end AMD or Core 2 based "real" notebook, however those were generally stuck with again either Intel integrated junk or really lowend ATI/nVidia GPUs.

After all this I found the MSI GT725 which was something like $300 more for a really good GPU. It was an ATI mobility radeon hd 4850 w/512MB GDDR3 (pretty much 9800 GTX+ class) along with an Intel P8600 in the model that I bought. Decided to gamble on the ATI GPU hoping that they had shaped up their driver act and the fact that nVidia GPUs in notebooks in the same range were no where near as powerful at the time.

Anyways, MUCH happier that I ended up with that as I can also play modern games as well as ancient, and even more so since my desktop croaked a few months ago and really this notebook is a bit better than it was in all honesty.

One thing at first I didn't care for the 1680x1050 LCD but then after using the nb for a while it was always funny to go back to my lower res/different aspect ratio CRT. (Although the CRT did MUCH better at handling various resolutions, as I still think that anything other than native on LCDs looks like utter s - - t.

Really wish now that nVidia has better nb offerings in the GT200 class at the time though as ATI drivers are extra crappy for linux/X11(STILL!!) and even under windows are a pain as I have to use mobility modder.net or manually hack some config files, plus even the windows drivers have hiccups more so than I ever noticed with nVidia. (So replacement desktop is almost definitely going to be GF100.)

The 725 is now replace core i7 plus they're using nVidia GPUs. Still the thing is a 17" but it's only about 8.5lbs with a 12cell battery -> close to 3h batt time browsing, and lighter apps. REQUIRES AC for playing modern games unless you want 40m batt time, plus you'd have to disable powerplay(ATI) or the nVidia equivalent as it's locked to lower GPU speed on batt which is fine for old games and still better than what you'd get with a typical netbook. (Plus those netbook screens are just too tiny/low res)
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