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Default Netbook for classic RPGs, at last I bought it. :)

February 23rd, 2010, 21:42
If you want a good gaming almost-netbook, check out Alienware M11x. They claim it can run Crysis (with good details) at 30+ FPS. I'm getting one myself in a few months.

But, again, if it's not obvious how smaller and lighter can be an advantage, I don't think there's any kind of clarification that will help those not grasping that very basic concept.

Some people actually enjoy the idea that they can comfortably carry around their non-desktop computers, and they don't want them for their powerful gaming capabilities as much as the ability to game "light" and serve all their other needs in a way that's as hassle-free "on-the-go", as possible.

Personally, I want one that can serve all my mobile needs, as well as not be uncomfortable to travel with. I find 14"+ relatively heavy and bulky in those terms, so I've been waiting for a netbook with respectable specs. The M11x is as close as I'm likely to get for a long time.

Much like anything else you're carrying around or having to stay mobile with, the weight and the size can be pretty dominant factors.

It can hardly get any simpler than that, can it?

I've tried a lot of smartphones and none of them have come close to my needs in terms of power and practical usability. They're all too small and gimmicky for my tastes. I despise gadgets and gimmicks that don't serve my exact practical needs, so I leave that for the average consumer. To me, it seems some people actually buy these things just so they can discover what they need them for, where I like to do it the old-fashioned way, which is the other way around.

I have a baseline set of needs and the Alienware is the first netbook sized machine to meet AND exceed them. I just need to be able to game "most modern games", stream HD video, and all the usual stuff on top. No smartphone is ever going to accomplish that, and even if it could - it would be small and annoyingly fiddly. A true notebook is too bulky and has no real advantage that I can spot. I have my desktop for "true" gaming, so I don't need a much more expensive alternative that isn't REALLY comfortable to move around.




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