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February 24th, 2010, 04:00
I want to be an RPG… I am an RPG.

The FF creators have been inventing various excuses to explain away the bad press they are getting (they made FFXIII extremely linear, with few subquests or towns). First they said it was because HD cities were too hard to create. Then they said it was so they could focus on telling a good story. And now it's because the RPG genre is "too confining." Ha. Keep dancing, boys.

The ME criticism doesn't really wash, either. Some would argue, in fact, that ME tries hard to claim an RPG title it only marginally deserves.

As for Fable … Peter M. gets a lot of shit from RPG fans, because they are the ones who pay attention to his promises, and they are the ones who get angry when he fails them. Saying Fable III will not be an RPG is a way of minimizing backlash from these people. It's also probably true (Fable III will not be an RPG), but I think the main reason he said it was to try to pre-emptively eliminate more criticism about how watered-down an RPG it is. At least that's my view. It's not that he doesn't want Fable to be known as an RPG. It's that he's tired of getting shit because it's not.
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