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February 24th, 2010, 20:27
Originally Posted by Xi View Post
Why are you guys so insistent on being able to play the latest games on your notebook/netbook? I just always felt that if I wanted a gaming machine I would get a good desktop. I rarely have the desire to take my desktop to someone else's house to game, to play video games on campus, during work breaks, etc. So doesn't this question more or less revolve around being able to surf the web, write papers, utilize simple programs, check email, forums, online communities, etc?

Out of curiosity, of those who buy laptops to play the latest games, how often do these laptops leave your house?

My netbook, for instance, goes with me every single day! If I wanted to game on it, I could still enjoy the oldies, as the OP mentions. So what's the point?
We don't get a netbook for that purpose alone. But we'd like the option available so we could enjoy the latest games when we're not near our desktop - if it's feasible and affordable.

In my opinion, the M11x represents that possibility.

It's incredibly simple.

To give you an example, I take a trip to a summerhouse at least twice a year - where a bunch of guys bring our computers for a LAN "vacation" lasting about a week or so. With a netbook like the M11x, I wouldn't have to worry about the hassle of transporting my desktop.

But, it's just ONE advantage.

The overall purpose is to have access to as many features as possible on-the-go, and without it being impractical and overly expensive.




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