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February 25th, 2010, 11:38
Originally Posted by Xi View Post
I think that's the point of a netbook though, it's highly affordable. If you compare the alienware notebook that's been suggested, for instance, you're talking about an 800-1000 investment vs a 250-400 investment. Is the added 400+ dollars in cost justified for the possibility of playing games, when you know you won't play them much if at all?

It's almost paranoid to think in these terms. I mean, I have no problem with someone who is a hardcore gamer going for the alienware setup. That would be totally sensible. However, when you're needing a portable solution to satisfy other needs, and you aren't going to be gaming on it - at least not much, how then can you justify the added cost? Seems very wasteful in my mind.

I guess thats the difference though. It boils down to what you want it to do for you. Still, if all you're ever going to buy are devices that can do everything currently possible, even though you know you'll rarely if ever use such features, what's the point? My philosophy on the matter is that I will eventually upgrade the netbook in a few years, and technology will have come even farther, removing the reason to go top of the line for features I'm not currently interested in. I will simply reassess at that point and put my money where my desires are.

Then, if I want to game, I can play the oldie but goodies. So it's not like I cannot game at all. Of course, this is coming from a person who doesn't play modern games, has very little interest in the current industry, and of whom's tastes and desires are adapting to life in different ways, forever changing how I will perceive/care about such things. So, this puts some weight on my emphasis to be able to play the oldie but goodies because those were the games that my nostalgic memories prefer, and sense I can still play those games on a netbook, it adds increased value. Still, buying a beefed up system to play the newer stuff doesn't make sense in my mind. Especially considering how technology comes and goes. Again, I can always buy a new cheap netbook in the future, or opt for a high-end one if I find myself desiring the ability to play new games.

Not to mention, services like Onlive lend some credibility to this concept too, as netbook could play any game on the market utilizing such a service. That's an entirely different debate though, but one to consider. Just saying!
Hehe, well..

It seems to me you're overthinking these things a lot - but to each his own.

I'm not really trying to do the "right" thing, I'm simply interested in filling this need I have - which includes the ability to game when I'm not at home, if I want to.

Now, I'm not too concerned with the price - as long as there's value for money. If I can afford something, that's the only thing that interests me. So, no, the "point" of a netbook isn't that it's affordable - not to me.

It's really quite simple - because I DO intend to use it for gaming, and there's a reason I haven't bought another one - because the 250-400 range netbooks haven't served my needs. But gaming is just one thing, I also want HD streaming for movies, and I want the ability to develop for my project, which includes photoshop and 3D studio. Such things work best with decent power, and XNA (which I'm using for my game) needs a little more horsepower than your average netbook.

But what I don't get, is why you concern yourself AT ALL with the reasoning other people utilise to make their decisions? I mean, you say "I have no problem with hardcore gamers…." - suggesting you might have a problem with someone who bought it for reasons you don't agree with?

I hope that's just a misunderstanding, because otherwise you're in for a long road with absolutely no gain at the end.

That's a personal choice, though, and maybe it's just because I don't see the fascination with establishing some kind of objective truth when buying things that are essentially luxuries.




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