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February 27th, 2010, 11:41
Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
It depends on how you play….

Having the higher archer stealth skills enabled me to sneek quite close to the opponent without them knowing, then using 'charm' successfully on the selected would draw all its close aids into the furore, at this point you join in (from a distance as an archer) and your zombie friend would attack. This is where you "DO" attack and claim the XP of the charmed opponent for yourself. If you cannot quite manage this strategy you might lose out on just one potential opponent xp- not a great loss.
Hmm, there's a thought - does the exp come form the final killing blow, or per each point of damage done? If the former, one could make very evil use of a spell like this indeed…

If not, it could still be very useful in difficult boss situations where a bunch of minions really create a lot of nuicance value, and one can distract them in this way, while getting on with the boss. ( That is, if your spell is not strong enough to charm the boss himself - but if it is - even more fun… )
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