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February 27th, 2010, 17:04
I put away FF6 until next weekend since I have too much schoolwork for a such heavy game, but I actually begun to play Ishar I in winuae. It's the AGA version so it looks like the PC version, but UAE gives me savestates and the ability to remap the keyboard. I control the game with NUMPAD 4-9, with 7&9 as "turn". I use Z-B to attack with my five characters and A-G is "action".

Considering just how extremely hardcore this game is, having savestates is a great ease, still I have been forced to replay a lot for doing wrong early on. Here's some nuisances;
1. When new it's extremely easy to die, and death means loss of character, no resurrect here, at least not in the beginning of the game.
2. You need to constantly eat, as soon as your foodbar drops to half you begin to miss often. Every strike you make will consume your foodbar and bosses are more than likely to force you to eat all food you carry just to keep up. Eating and sleeping in an inn (only way I found to recover magic points) is VERY expensive, even if you walk all the way back to the first city to save money.
3. You pay up 1000 gold just to save in-game, three thieves in the first city gives you about 100 gold, so you have something to compare with.
4. There are two levers in the first dungeon, pull both and you will eventually find that you locked yourself in. Permanently! Meaning you have to restart the game or load an earlier save.
5. There are items you only have 1 shot to get. Miss the opportunity and you have replay from scratch.

The good news it that the gameworld is so small.
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