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February 28th, 2010, 01:19
You lose XP for every hit they do. NPCs are the same - every time an NPC hurts an enemy, you lose a part of the XP you would've gotten. The creature and undead/ghost/demon don't count, obviously.

Had a fairly easy time through it as a ranger, but I had to kite quite a lot. Still, I found it easier than a melee based character, but that might also mean that I'm simply more experienced now.

Will try out a mage game. Missile/Blast/Fireball + Destruction + Mana Something (reduces the amount of mana you spend) + Way of the Battle Mage + Lockpicking are the skills I will max out. Should lead to unparallelled damage output, but low survivability.

Looking forward to getting it past level 15 or so.
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