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March 1st, 2010, 07:40
I found Bioshock 1 to be one of the more enjoyable games of this generation. It had many of the components which modern games simply doesn't contain; originality, philosophy, morality, story etc. It had some real vision. It was different. The art design was great (although unspliced human models looked like crap already in the first game).

Still, beneath all that it was a rather simple game. Sure, you could do a lot of tricks to get past a situation, but like most modern games there's no need to think about how to use the mechanics properly, it's just faster to just shoot whatever is standing in your way. And even with the special powers you could buy and upgrade, it was still "just a shooter".

I finished Bioshock 2 using electricity exclusively. I also never used several weapons as they felt uneccessary and I finished with over 1000 adam "spare" which I found no need to use. Fire, Ice and Electricity actually works the same way; it damages and it stuns the foes, groups at higher levels. The differences between them are too slim to care for. Fire can melt paths and electricity can sometimes open doors but I found no extra use for Ice in B2 (I think it could freeze flames in the first). You can use levitate to damage foes, but in the end it's more of a hassle than just stunning and shooting them. Same with swarm that still just stuns so you can shoot. But maybe that's what "normal" difficulty is all about?

Makes me wonder what they would have been able to accomplish if they had skipped the multiplayer game.

Another issue I had was that I didn't feel like a Big Daddy. I felt like the guy form the first game plus a drill. I had expected to play something that could squish traditional splicers with ease, but with stronger foes up ahead, but there were few new opponents in B2. There's one time you smash through a barricade but otherwise the whole "humanoid wrecking ball" concept simply wasn't in here.

Still, I found the story to be pretty good. It had plenty of layers which it brought in from both psychology and philosophy.
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