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March 1st, 2010, 12:01
Originally Posted by dagoo7 View Post
I'm sure I will be vilified as an elitist with an agenda for saying these things. And I know I should just shutup, but I find this deification of ME2 among certain reviewers and members of the rpg community particularly irksome
I wonder why you'd think you will be vilified… but anyway, these reviewers mostly did not review Mass Effect 2 as an RPG, but simply as a game. As such, I feel that it definitely has a lot to offer, maybe even those 90+ scores. You just have to put away those expectations and RPG glasses, first.

As for the comparison with Bioshock 2, there are also plenty of choices to make in Mass Effect that affect the way you play.

- The team mates that you take with you
- The weapons configuration that you take with you
- The upgrades you buy
- How you upgrade your powers and those of your team mates
- Doing the loyalty missions of your team mates, unlocking a new power for them

You can choose to "duck-shoot-duck-use power-duck-shoot", but that's not your only option. You can, like in the first Mass Effect, also choose to order your team mates around, use their powers to good effect and basically play the game more tactically. If guess that gets even more important on the harder difficulties.

So I don't get the comparison with Bioshock 2. I've only played the first, but I guess the basic gameplay is the same. Let's not forget the tons of other gameplay that Mass Effect 2 offers. I spent hours just exploring and talking to NPCs yesterday. Can you do that in Bioshock 2? To me, the statement I read a while ago that said, "remove the combat and there's not much game left" simply isn't true.

But I guess we'll never see eye to eye on this issue.
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