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March 1st, 2010, 16:09
Ok, Spoilers for how to eek out the most experience from a few of the earlier quests:




Final tip-Don't worry about opening locked chests in the early game. You'll get more useful stuff later, because chests level with your character. You can open the pots, barrels, crates, etc. because that stuff only increases moderately, if at all. I generally kill everything I can before accepting any quests, except for the goblin quest from Richard. Why? You get more xp for kills at lower levels, while quest rewards get better as you level. It's a no-brainer. Save before turning in quests. If you don't like the rewards, reload. The rewards will all be of the same basic level, but some charms/enchantments are much better than others. If you're a spell slinger, you want magic damage enchants and charms. Blue lettering is charms and pink/red lettering is enchants. Try to get a weapon with one of each and you'll see your spells become devastating.
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