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March 3rd, 2010, 07:07
The list misses nethack!
I tried the Quest demo, but I got a little bummed at the lack of AI in that game. Got mobbed by two Orks and ran across half the map, but they just keep on following. Ran all the way back to town, but the guards did not react to the situation at all. Went into a tavern, slept for a day, came out, Orks are still there. Of this type of games, undercroft seems the stronger offering judging from the demos - denser content, more tactical combat (party based).
Ravensword, which I just started, has much of the air of an open world RPG in the exploration and fighting pars, but the mechanics are indeed more those of an action adventure. So think KQ:Mask of Eternity more than TES. Its enjoyable if you can arrange yourself with a complete lack of character customization.
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