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March 3rd, 2010, 16:13
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
What do you work at some business, where the office upgraded everyone? Iirc, Steam users (which I usually think of as a good average) are not anywhere near MOST, think it's about 30%. Though many gamers don't belong to Steam and on average if you want your game to SELL, you offer it to the most populated sectors. Not to mention, regardless whether it is affecting you or not, there is a worldwide recession currently with the possibility of WHOLE countries going bankrupt.

For example here in the US most economists conservative, moderate and liberal pretty much agree we only have a 50% chance escape a terrible crisis in the second half of the year. Whether you understand economics or not that's not a really good position to be in, actually it will affect the whole world.

I say it was money poorly spent, directx 11 is mostly effect based lighting which is not Larian's strong point, afaik from playing DD2. I do like the game very much, but it's clear they spend too much time concerned with graphics instead of stability, gameplay and Q&A.
With all due respect, Directx11 is not simply new eye candy, its a much easier to work API (from the dev POV) and companies are starting to understand that.

Dont forget that you can have an engine that is primarily DX10 and have some DX11 effects blended in and that isnt a monumental task. Also dont forget that even games like metro 2033 that are in DX11 still work in machines that only have DX9 and DX10, so you dont realy lose customers for adopting DX11 "extensions" on your game.

So you have an easier to program/use API, not realy much costs involved in its implementation and you won't ruin your customer base, so whats there to lose in implementing DX11 code that is even future proof in case you want to migrate your engine towards a possible sequel?

Its a win/win situation imho.
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