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March 4th, 2010, 19:05
Originally Posted by Arhu View Post
@DeepO: Curious, I know lots of people who adore Stephan Bodzin's music. Personally I find it a little too minimalistic and distorted. It's either that or the music is just not very headphones friendly. His music sounded ok on a casual party as background music with decent speakers, when you talk with people … but listening only? Not really my cup of tea.
Well, itīs not "listening only" for me as well as I often use similar kinds of music more as a background while doing something else, like reading RPGWatch forum, for example . My main reason for spinning Liebe ist… once in a while is pretty superficial (as is Liebe ist…) - those lower frequencies rock my flat .

Anyway, Charles Mingus - Hobo Ho
My all time favourite jazz tune.
Itīs on Let My Children Hear Music (1972) which as a whole isnīt that supergreat as Mingus Am Um or The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, but this particular song just destroys completely and absolutely.
The sound of neverending party, life, etc.

Hobo Ho
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