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March 5th, 2010, 03:41
And you give us every reason to have something to talk about.

Here is just one tiny example of a typical playing night from the RPGWatch group.

Corwin: "Help……"

Peter: "Where did Corwin go? Is his sorcerer Reywind adventuring by himself again in this dangerous dungeon thinking my paladin will come to his rescue once again"?.

CM: "No, he lost his way in the dungeon again. Corwin, you have to take the RIGHT turn at the intersection. Nooooo, don't go to the left."

Corwin: "I can't see anything. Where are you? Hello. 3 trolls just showed up and they're attacking Reywind. I need healing. Uh oh, I got myself killed again"

Peter: "What!!! Did Corwin manage to get himself killed. Sigh, I'm tired of carrying his soul stone to the resurrection shrine every time. Joe can do it next time".

Joe: "Peter. Don't rush after Corwin. Do you see the trap just ahead of you….. Never mind you just set it off. Oh, sh**. Now Peter expects me to carry both their soul stones to the resurrection shrine".

CM: "Peeeeter. I nearly died when you set off the fire trap. Be more careful".

Peter: "Sorry. I'm just a paladin and I don't see any traps. You're the clever one, remember".
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