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March 5th, 2010, 10:36
LOL Sushi. Poor Siusaidh. Or "Susan" as her name translates to in English. I wonder what Cairistine, Rachail, or Mureall would be called? Or if those are close enough to the English names that someone other than me can pronounce them.

I'm sure Mureall could be fun solo, but getting her to enough power to survive is the challenge. I have always disliked grinding (which is why I haven't beaten some classic RPGs like the earlier Wizardries (prior to 5). Which in DDO, is what I have to do; run the same quests over and over unless I find someone willing to take me on an elite run somewhere. Which is how I got to level 4, actually. Grouped together, finished Korthos, then ran elite, then ran some in the Harbor until we could run through elite.

I prefer arcane casters, though DDO's seem weaker than the other MMO's I've played. In most, it's not until level 20 or so that I run into trouble, and in most, that's because that was about the point that the free content run out. EUO was slightly better, but then they're not a traditional mmo.

Clerics, on the other hand, are just dominant for an easy early solo run. Way more than the comparable classes elsewhere, which are "healers" only.
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