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March 5th, 2010, 13:10
I'm playing a paladin (level 6 Peter Stauffenberg) and cleric (level 5 Peter Policus). I think playing the paladin is the easiest to do solo. My paladin has now 32 AC, 2 lay on hands which heals 60 hitpoints plus about 90 mana which gives me 9 cure light wounds. Monsters rarely hit my paladin and I can heal when things get rough. The only vulnerability for my paladin is enemy spellcasters. I don't have many buffs so fireballs, melf's acid arrow and other nasty spells can really hurt my paladin despite having excellent saving throw stats.

So I definitely recommend to play a paladin if you want to survive. You're excellent at melee and you can even heal. Early on the paladin is almost up to par with fighters. At higher levels you will see the paladin's role change from tank to off-tank. The paladin will be the supporting attacker, keeping the fighter's flank or going straight for the enemy spellcasters. But at low and mid level you can just engage any monster you like.

My cleric has also done well in solo quests. You don't hit as often as a paladin, but you have lots of mana (350 at level 5) so you can heal yourself numerous times. You just have to be careful about engaging large groups of monsters.

I'm building my cleric for group play and not solo play. So I'm taking enhancements and feats that will benefit the group. E. g. I now have level 2 divine vitality which gives party spellcasters 5d4+10 mana per use of turn undead (I have 11 uses at the moment). I'm getting divine cleansing level which can heal poison, curse, disease and other conditions. At level 3 I can even heal petrification and level drain I think.

I played with my level 5 cleric in a group doing level 7 quests on elite and I performed very well there. I kept the wizard with extra mana and healed all the others. I didn't fight as much because my main task was to stay behind a heal the others before it got dangerous. Then I could join in with my mace when most of the monsters were killed.

So both the cleric and the paladin perform really well both as solo and as group characters. It's important to make a good character build so you can get valuable help with the character builder. It can be downloaded here:


I've planned both my characters all the way up to level 20. That makes it easier to know which feats, skills and enhancements you should pick at each level.
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