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March 6th, 2010, 22:35
I have enjoyed playing all the Div's without a doubt, but..

I've had similar thoughts on "Divs" games replay also, maybe a "patch/add-on/editor" bundle as a free download!.. as a kind of good will/loyalty gaming reward - would butter-up some impetus!

But seriously, consider the "dwindle" effect of my own personal Divinity experience…

1. Divine Divinity - played through five or six times -> * * * * *

2. Beyond Divinity - played through twice -> * *

1. Ego Draconis, Divinity 2 - played through once -> *

Following in this same grain suggests i might get only half way through the next Larian offering.

This same 'brewers droop' effect was similarly noticed in the Gothic series (amongst others) - when the initial replay immersion cannot be sustained in the follow-ups, i would say it's time for a 'back to the drawing board' strategy rethink perhaps?
Yes, i understand the dragon form change is crucial to the storyline but i sometimes wonder if the latter part of the game had continued as in the mould of the first yet building up to climax game ending, might have achieved another notch higher in the review ratings.
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