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March 7th, 2010, 00:04
LOL. I know my Pally is another easy way to solo. 30-40 damage per hit tends to clear out large groups quickly; even on hard. And maybe one day I'll find a decent weapon too.

Though I wonder how you got so many sp; I have 25 right now at level 4. With an item giving me 10 (I haven't found anything better for that slot). I can cast CLW twice, and it's basically only good for topping up and saving my 100+ starter pots for later (I'll eventually start using the regular CLW/CMW pots). I don't know if I'd put her up above my Cleric (Protection from Energy FTW!) though. At least on par.

Divine Cleansing doesn't heal level drain. I think you need Restoration for that (Lesser Restoration only fixes stat drain). Divine Cleansing is cool though, since it's basically a free Cure Disease. I have it as well, even though I've yet to need it. My Cleric also has the sp boost and the healing boost. I just habitually charge forward with her, and heal others as needed (and noticed). My SP is about on par with yours, 380 or so. But I have some stuff from Korthos that gives a decent boost as well.
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