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March 8th, 2010, 00:37
No, it's not "roleplaying". It's an MMO. Using a modified DnD3.5 ruleset doesn't make it a role playing game.

Now some people can roleplay; there are entire guilds dedicated to that. Most are there to have fun, and play a action game with RPG-elements. Me personally, my Cleric is a bit different than my Pally, but my Sorc is vastly different because she won't survive trying to rush anything. My 4th is still being decided.

We do stick mostly together, except Peter. But then he is a level or two ahead of everyone else.

You want a bad party though, I joined an insistent level 8 Monk with my Pally (level 4 at the time). We went into a level 6 dungeon. The first thing we encountered was two large earth elementals. I took one and he took the other. Mine I killed without issue, and without taking any real damage. Then I turned, and killed his. Then I had to heal him (and with only 45sp and CLW, he took everything I had basically). Then he got us trapped with several greater mephits and a fire trap. Despite this, and despite being 2 levels below what would be able to do that dungeon, I outlasted him in that cage.

And he blamed me for not being able to get far in there. How did he get to level 8? Probably mooching off parties of much better players. I went and soloed another level 6, just for fun. I died to 5 large earth elementals, a half dozen greater air mephits, and a large fire elemental. And if I could have hit my saves on the earth elementals' constant grabs, I probably could have squeaked by, and wand whipped to the first shrine.
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