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March 8th, 2010, 01:52
I tried a bit solo in DDO and it's possible for some early quests, but later you need a group to have a chance to succeed.

I've tried a little bit playing as a group with random people inviting me to the group. The experiences are mixed. Some people are devoted and careful, but many are too reckless to play with. They wander off in all directions and get themselves killed. The devoted ones seem to know the quests well and turbo through the quests. I rarely have time to keep up with them. They tend to play on Elite to get better loot and XP. This is more fun because we succeed and the quests get solved. But I don't think this is optimal because I don't play with friends, just people I meet for a short while.

I guess many elite DDO players would criticise how we play in Team Corwin, but we have a lot of fun because we talk to each other on Skype, play at a pace everyone can follow and perform pretty well despite the jokes about the opposite.

RPG's are originally intended to be played by a group of friends with the same characters meeting week after week. It's the interaction between the players and DM that's most of the fun.

Unfortunately it's not possible to get a lot of role playing in MMORPG's like DDO. The quests are too shallow for any real role playing. The game is based upon doing quests to get XP and loot to improve you character. You interact with others to solve the quests. It's certainly possible to hang out in a tavern role playing, but instead we hang out in the tavern with our avatars talking about REAL life instead. That's just as fun.

So if ffbj feels we don't role play much then he's partly right, but online computer games aren't very well suited to true role playing like pnp games like AD&D. I think we play DDO like most others do, but we have more fun because we use Skype to communicate instead of typing lots of messages to the group. We stick together for week after week so we get a group of friends playing instead of meeting just random people. We can also do the latter between our Friday sessions if we like to get XP faster. So I think we get the most out of the computer RPG medium.

Not even Bioware games have true role playing. You have some kind of role playing with the other computer controlled PC's, but not other real life people. You could do some real role playing in NWN if you played with a DM, but we ran out of good modules to play so we switched to DDO. I have to admit I don't miss NWN much and won't install it again on my computer. DDO is probably not the best MMORPG out there, but it's cheap and you don't have to pay a monthly fee just to play. I don't like the MMORPG's where you pay 10-15$ per month just to have an account. I can accept to pay for quests like in DDO, but not for just playing. Then I feel cheated when I can't play very often (like every day). So I think DDO works well for Team Corwin as a replacement for NWN.
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