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March 8th, 2010, 04:54
I happened to realize with what I know about you, Corwin, that your avatar just might be that of a major Deity. If that is the case and if the same is not true in reverse, then I would like to modify my above statement to read
"I think that older, powerful-looking men with wise eyes and extra-extensive eyebrows THAT I'M MARRIED TO are hot!"
instead and add that I would never lust after any other man, ever…

<switches halo on and says bedtime prayers>

P.S. Written in a text beneath aforementioned Deity's notice: if this post is based on a false assumption afterall, then meet me behind thread 298 of the Politics and Religion Forum as soon as I can get this halo turned off again…

EDIT: Sorry Corwin - didn't know you were about to reply - this post should have come after my other one and before yours.
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