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March 8th, 2010, 20:09
I see the Witcher EE on sale at Atari.com for ten bucks. I tried the demo and did not care for it. Whenever I see the words "story-driven" I think of when I was watching a friend play FF7 on the ps2. It was more of a movie than a game to me, with tons of cutscenes and then a few segments in which you "played" by clicking the attack you wanted to use, watch the result, and back to cutscenes. Was dreadful to me,(only my opinion). The demo gave me the same feeling, but in case I am wrong I am asking. I play arpg's. I play them all. By far my favorite genre, but I also liked BG 1 and 2, ID 1 and 2, arcanum, arx fatalis, and am currently playing divinity 2. The combat in the demo was dreadful, just waiting for the sword icon to turn and then clicking. Is the whole game like that? Is it more cutscene than gameplay? I am a person who actually cares very little about the story in a game, if at all. I want to play. If I want a story, I will read a book. So some opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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