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March 8th, 2010, 20:22
I am in the middle of my annual replay of Spellforce:

Already completed:
- the "free game" - the coop-part of Spellforce 1, but played as a single player
- the base campain "The Order of Dawn" - I love that story of a tragic time warp

Now playing:
- the "Breath of Winter" - the first expansion with dragons, ice elves etc

Planned after that:
- the "Shadow of the Phoenix" - the second expansion - probably twice, becauseit can be played with both characters imported from TOoD and BoW and you see the same story from the point ofview of two different characters
- maybe Spellforce2 and its expansion "Dragon Storm" (where you command dragons and become one in the end - who said, that Div 2 invented that…)
- Edit: and the "free game" of SF2 / Dragon Storm using a Fixpack with added/restored content…

One of my favorite game of all times, when judging gameplay and story together, and my most repyed one (and the only game with RTS elements I like).
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