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March 9th, 2010, 23:25
Hey all,

I decided to give NWN2 another try. I'm making a Rogue/SD/AA and want to know if I can do without a Spellcaster. I prefer to have both Casavir and Khelgar because Khelgar amuses me and Casavir will be there for the romance option. I know Sand and Qara are both excellent spellcasters but geez, I hate currying influence with their attitude I hope to take Elanee or Zhjaeve later as a healer. Is this a decent idea?

I also had created a Bard/Rogue/AA because I wanted to do all the lockpicking and such myself. Besides, anytime I gained influence with anyone, I lost influence with her I had to start over though because I had chosen Wood elf and I would have had an experience penalty…correct? I suppose I could use a Half-Elf Bard/Rogue/AA…

Any opinions on Rogue/SD/AA or Bard/Rogue/AA?

Thanks in advance!
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