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March 10th, 2010, 11:07
1) Multiclass penalties only apply if the two (or more) base classes are more than 1 level apart. I.e if you play a Bard/Rogue/AA you have to make sure to keep the Bard and Rogue levels within 1 level of each other. You can level the AA to whatever levels you want without thinking about penalties.

2) I often run with Elanee and Zhawhatshername as dual casters. It may not be optimal, but it works out nicely anyway, due to all the healing they squeeze out. Also, Elanee is a good offensive caster (firestorm etc are brilliant spells). Also, the influence thingymabob with Sand and Qara is easy to solve - you keep whoever has the highest influence, so you never actually have to worry about it. Basically, just talk to Qara a few times if you want to keep her (she gets +3 in several conversations in a row), or avoid her if you don't + give Sand some influence during the trial quest.

I basically only play with either Sand or Qara (Qara pre-trial, Sand during the trial quest) untill I get Zhawhatever, due to influence reasons (and the fact that I use Sand as a crafter more than anything else).

3) As for builds - they'll both work out. Basically, any dex based build will work out, as long as you get high enough dex for Perfect Two-Weapon combat. I prefer Air Genasi for such characters (starting at 20 dex). Oh, and remember to always enchant your weapons with as much elemental damage as possible - it is the main source of damage to a dex based character, due to their extreme hit rate (10+ attacks per round all delivering lots of elemental damage will do a redicilous amount of damage).

If you have more questions or feel that my answers aren't sufficient, just ask.
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