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March 10th, 2010, 20:00
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Yeah I wasn't really suggesting that people should role-play more in this specific instance. Totally different sort of animal playing in these online games. I just thought it would be interesting to have different PC's with different personalities. Playing them alternately like one week play the goody two shoes sort of group, then the next week the evil group. Sort of like the Mirror/Mirror Star Trek episode.
I bet Nimoy really loved playing evil Spock.
How do you know that we're not playing differently with out different characters? My paladin behaves differently from the cleric. My cleric likes more to bash barrels and get the gold before the rogue can get there. He's also more careful in combat and tries to keep people alive by healing. My paladin is not very interested in gold and goes directly against the most powerful monsters instead of looking for barrels and chests. He's not afraid of traps so he doesn't let a trap delay him from rushing towards the big baddies.

Both are good aligned and I try to play accordingly. I've never played an evil character in my life and will never ever do that. What's the fun in that? If I end up in a group where PC's kill each other then I find something else to do instead. I can accept rogues who are a bit selfish and hide some loot for themselves. That's in the rogue's nature. You don't have to be evil to be selfish and a cheat.

Remember that Peter the Paladin you see in DDO is the same as Peter the Paladin in NWN. He has just sailed to a new world.
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