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March 10th, 2010, 21:47
The "unpolished" graphics look just fine to me, it's the fact that it's yet another Diablo clone that's turning me off. If reviews prove otherwise and it turns out to be the next Witcher I'll happily eat my words.

I am a little surprised with how satiated the market is in WWII FPS, RTS, MMOs and Diablo clones that you couldn't actually sell more units by deviating from those genres/cliches and trying to hit more a niche markets. Especially for a company like this that's never going to compete head to head with Blizzard & Diablo 3 from hype alone.

Where's the hard-core single player RPGs? The Wizardry 8s? Now that Bioware has gone the way of the mass market & consoles are there any good RPG makers left? Has the future of crpgs been left solely to CD Project & Obsidian?

Where's the TBS? We're all in a tizzy over JA3 being announced ( again ), why has one of the greatest games ever made only had 1 decent attempt at a clone ( Silent Storm ).

Why are there so few good RPG/FPS ala Deus Ex? Mass Effect is the closest thing I can think of and that's a pale imitation.

Maybe the sales figures don't bare it out but if I were running a small development house right now I wouldn't be trying to compete with the big boys and their ad budgets, I'd try keep budget under control and hit under served niche markets. A new take on a Civ style game, or XCom or JA or M&M or Wizardry or a million other great genres/franchise styles that have been left for dead.
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