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Default Awakenings character import question.

March 11th, 2010, 10:37
So I was reading about character importing in the Bioware forum and I'm really confused. I'm late to the discussion and I don't want to look like an idiot. But I've read you can still import your character even if you died at the end of Origins. So are you just sort of importing your character's decisions, but will in fact be playing a new character? Or will you literally be playing your old character? But if that's the case how do they explain why you're not dead? Will you somehow be brought back to life like in Mass Effect 2? I could live with that.

Or when they say you're importing your character will you just be importing your face, and skills and such but you will actually be a whole new person? Or will I literally be Elissa Cousland again?

My character died (and very satisfying that was too), and I'd love to carry on with her but I would rather it make sense if she carries on, so I may replay the ending so she survives. I was wondering if your inventory also is imported. And what's the best place to make a save? I would assume right after the corination. That would make the most sense wouldn't it? Luckily I made a hard save right before the Landsmeet.


Also, what do you think is the best outcome for the ending? I've played where I let Morrigan do her ritual so everyone lives, and I played where I died. I don't want to let Loghain kill the demon and get a hero's send off, but I certainly don't want Alistair to die. What did you do?
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