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March 11th, 2010, 14:04
I keep getting this feeling that CD Projekt's in a bit of trouble… even though the original Witcher apparently made money for them…

I just hope that TW2 has even more RPing elements than TW did… and TONS of moddability. The writing for TW wasn't too bad either or at least by TWEE patch and/or unofficial english patching, and seemed to be fairly in character line with the Last Wish at least. (We won't discuss Blood of Elves as either it was truly excessively tedious and bombastic or just suffered a horrific translation…)

Should still be decent so long as it's not even close to as badly done as that horrific aborted attempt at a TV show… How could they go so wrong with such great material? i.e. the technical aspects(wardrobe, settings, etc.) of the series were mostly OK(cheesy FX though even by recent standards) but the base material changes were just awful.
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