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March 11th, 2010, 15:23
I let Alistair instead of me get in bed with Morrigan and arranged it so he married Anora. Loghain was killed for treason. You can't get Anora to marry Alistair if you let Alistair kill Loghain. My human noble killed him instead.

There is a special save game that's made after you finish DA:O that's supposed to be used for future DLC like Return to Ostagar and Awakening. With that save you have max XP and all the decisions you made are stored in the save game. Just load DA:O and you will find this save game (called Post ending or something).

Items will be carried over from the player to Awakening, but NOT DLC items (Return to Ostagar and the 2 DLC mods you could buy in DA:O).

I'm not sure what happens to a dead PC when launching Awakening. You can try the Post ending save game and see if your dead character is still alive there. I believe so because you're supposed to play DLC. I would guess that if your PC died then you start Awakening in a situation where you did not die and Alistair is king. If you died and you want to preserve that image then you could always start with a new character (the Orlais noble).

Bioware has stated that you quickly get much better gear than in DA:O so it doesn't matter which items you carry over from DA:O. Those will be sold quickly anyway.

So I will just use my post ending save game and import it to Awakening and see what happens. I don't care much about the gear I had in DA:O since it will soon be replaced with better gear.
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