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March 11th, 2010, 18:23
I'm not surprised, but I'm not so sure it will do so well given that console are practically locked @ $60 unless they're talking a DS version or maybe a PSP download.

Might be workable if they could go straight to a budget type release, like when the PSX had those green edged greatest hits(or something) re-releases, but ONLY this way as it's not a $30 or even $60 quality release. Might do OK @ $25, but TBH it's a max $20 value. Then again it apparently worked for the $2.50 value Orcs & Elves that went for what? $25?

If the MMO is anything like Torchlight, I won't even be vaguely interested in it OTOH maybe I will because IIRC they seemed to be thinking of going for a non-monthly fee approach ala Guild Wars and Minions of Mirth(gonna have to buckle down and grind out those last few levels to tri-100 one day unless the servers disappear before I get around to it).
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