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March 12th, 2010, 01:09
Yes, I have the same problem every now and then. I'm on an XP machine. I had a lot of freezes playing Gothic 1 as well BTW, so I've gotten used to saving after the tiniest action. (As for freezing Gothic 1 was really bad compared to Gothic 2.)

What I do, in case of a freeze, and which works 9 out of 10 times: Ctrl-Alt_Del to get Windows Task Manager with 'Processes' as the current Tab. With the up and down arrow keys I look for Gothic 2. exe. Then I hit the TAB key twice, then I hit E (=End process).

After that Gothic 2 stops running, my desktop is visible and I am in full control of my pc again. I restart Gothic 2 immediately and load my last save. On with the fun.

The only time it doesn't work is when the pc doesn't respond to my keyboard.

Since you're able to get the task manager, I presume you could try the above.





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