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March 12th, 2010, 10:47
A cool concept, but probably not very easy to implement. I think it would be most interesting in open world games, where you could influence the timing and details of various "big events" that drive the main story forward with the quests you play. Let's take Oblivions setting as an example . But this time, by default, an actual first invasion wave will happen after 20 game days, that will overrun a major city, killing most NPCs there. Unless you manage to infiltrate a certain Oblivion pocket and kill a Daedra general, which will gain you an extra 5 days. Or you successfully manage to stage a diversion in another city, which will give you 2 more days, and will reduce the number of attackers. Getting more days will allow you to complete quests that will improve the fortification of the city, and to bring in reinforcments. However, it will also trigger a new quest with a traitor that begins to operate within the city if there is no invasion on day 20. Etc. If the game allows you to join the evil side, you could do quests that allow the invasion to start earlier…
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