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March 12th, 2010, 11:52
Hi JDR13!

Spec of my system: Quad CPU, Q6700, NVDIA GeForce 9800 GTX, 4 Gig of memory, 32 bit XP.

Gothic 2 is quite playable, Gothic 1 though was really testing my patience. During the last chapters it could freeze every ten minutes or so, after which I had to restart my system. Two parts were simple unplayable, whenever I entered the area the game/my pc stalled, so I skipped those. Because I liked the game itself so much I played on, but when finished I declared: 'Never again'. Pity though.

I did a search when I first encountered the problem, to see whether there was an easy, quick solution. I found others complaining about the stalls, I learned that it could have something to do with sound/graphics, but didn't investigate it any further because I remembered my ordeal with Risen all too well (I didn't get info in the Risen Journal, I changed several things, incl. reinstatement of a recent image without noticing I had been working on something, so hours of work down the drain and vital information lost).

Risen turned out to have a fast, clean solution, but I didn't find something similar to avoid the freezes in Gothic.

Doesn't matter, the task manager does a fine job - practically it means a break of 2 minutes or so - and like I said, my probs with Gothic 2 are nothing compared to Gothic 1.
IIRC the freezes of Gothic 1 had something to do with the patches. So I guess that could be the same with Gothic 2.

I'm in chapter 3 BTW, Gothic 2 NoTR (patched). Playing as a paladin (never played a Gothic as a paladin). Don't like the outfit very much, I can't see the back of his head. :-)
Anyway, I still consider G2 (with or without NoTR) best game ever. Runner-'up: Gothic 1. :-)
3. Drakensang
4. Risen
5. Witcher
Somewehere in the rear: Gothic 3 (played that one several years ago, I won't replay it now that I have Gothic Universe.)

Edit: sound: Realtek HD
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