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March 12th, 2010, 16:27
Basically the game will play differently depending on what you choose to do, to get to a certain place at a certain time may or may not be a disadvantage for different events, they will just happen in a variety of ways.

There are two reasons I wanted these events. The first reason is ( of course this might just be me ) that I really get tired of games where everyone is saying like…. OOO the world is ending it is a great urgency, and then the PC chars goes to the inn and drinks coffee and sleeps for 30 days to recover from everyting.

The seconds reason is replayability and strategical choices… do I stay to save my lieutenant risking to be late to the kings party and losing my face to the king?

The benefit is I still have my lietenant which can help me later in the game, but I lose face with the king…. which work to my disadvantage…

I know from the other thread though you guys prefer a linar long game, over this kind of game. I am hoping when you try it out you'll change your opinion… because I really think this sort of thing is great fun!
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