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March 12th, 2010, 17:39
You're killin' me, GG.

The good news is that I'm getting more and more convinced that gamers don't really know what they want anymore. And that includes me. We want replayability, but we never replay. We want non-linear plots as long as there aren't any branches. We want choice-n-consequence as long as it doesn't keep us from doing what we want. We want 100+ hour epics as long as they don't take too long. We want interesting NPCs but we don't want to read NPC dialog. We want a free form sandbox but it has to have structured quests. We want extensive evil options, but our first (and generally only) playthru will be good.

So, in the end, build your game as you see fit. If it's a good game, I doubt too many people will get hung up if it doesn't match exactly what we say we want.
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