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March 13th, 2010, 00:38
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
the demo sucks, dont judge the rest of the game by it. I was only playing the game in the first place because I got a deal on it, and all the cool kids were doing it. As it turned out, once the game opened up I realized that it was of the best games I'd played in a long time. I really enjoyed it.

the combat does get better as you get more abilities and all that. A lot of the areas are really well designed and fun, and I liked the npcs. Personally, act IV was a once-in-a-gaming-lifetime xperience for me - truly unforgettable.

And well, what is it like 14.99 now? You havnt got a whole lot to lose…
This is interesting…Act IV is actually where I got bored and stopped playing. All the momentum at the end of Act III was brought to a screeching halt…I felt like I was back in Act I tediously running around doing pointless busywork.

Does it pick up again?

Anyway it was still worth the $20-30 or so I paid for it.
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