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March 13th, 2010, 06:49
I'm generally not a big fan of timed events either. It's just another way for the developer to railroad the player down their linear path. If a crpg is too linear, I try to stay away. Divinity II was great fun in the open Broken Arrow area. Once the developers started railroading the player down the storyline it became a bore. They even had a nagging voice that constantly harped at you to get on with the book.

As far as GG's idea for a game, who knows? Build your engine, your combat and magic pieces, your inventory, alchemy, rest/heal etc. Until you have that, your story and quests are meaningless. If these have already been coded, forgive me. Nearly anyone with a little imagination can tell a story. Until the programming has been done, there's nothing to hang the story on anyway. It's more important to answer whether you can build a game before worrying about whether you can tell a tale. Have you created a timing system (day/night, hours/minutes weeks/months/years?) in your gameworld? If not, your question is premature.
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