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March 15th, 2010, 19:32
i was looking forward more of that splinter cell chaos theory/ deus ex 1 feelíng. Sneaking on enemies, heck avoiding killing and getting seen altogether. Good point is that this game promises to deliver lots of dialog and grey moral decisions, to kill or not kill a terrorist leader based on an information you currently have. I really liked the end scene with the commanding officer.

The downside is that the combat doesn't feel very convincing. Most dissapointed i'm about the lack of realism. Player should be killed just as easily as the enemies, like in the splinter cell games. Now in that trailer the guy just stands there aiming carefully while the guards shoot his ass. Either A.I is braindead or he is using cheat codes or something. Even marines from half-life 1 used more sensible fighting tactics. For example why aren't those guards flanking, throwing nades, using cover fire, basic military training every grunt knows… And its a sad thruth that animations look indeed quite clumsy/stiff.

I'm also hoping that that there are more non-linear levels than one we saw in this trailer.
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