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March 15th, 2010, 21:24
I just popped forward to March 15th, 2011. New release date set to July, 2011.

March 15th, 2020. Seems there was a cave-in of the bomb shelter. Grimoire put on hold for a bit.

March 15th, 2030. The new extended concrete bunker is finished. Now working on the last few bugs, beta should be starting in a couple weeks.

March 15th, 2040. Seems Cleve has passed away without completing his magnum opus.

March 15th, 2050. Cleve's grandson Cleve Blakemore II has committed to finishing the work, it will be done in 2051 for sure. He swears not to leave the bunker until it is complete.

March 15th, 3010. It seems Cleve's descendants have turned Grimoire into a family tradition. Still isn't released. Latest release date is Nov.17th, 3010 at 4:34 PM, for sure this time. Cleve Blakemore XLII's latest reason for a delay is to bring it up to compatibility with the release of Mac OS C (OS 100). There are also just a small handful of bugs that won't take any time at all to fix, plus a few dialog trees that need to be spruced up. He assures us that the homeless man he showed the latest additions to was extremely impressed and said it was the best looking retro rpg he had ever seen!

I can keep going further, but I don't see much point. Will Grimoire ever be released? Perhaps, but I really don't think my machine can go THAT far into the future. I really don't want to risk breaking it by trying.
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