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March 16th, 2010, 09:13
Could you guys name some great timed quests that you've played and what made the time-limitation special?
Depth of Peril and it worked well many people considered it fun part of the game. It has a lot of these quests, like kidnappings, towns be attacked etc. I appriciate the critisicms though, it is at least as valuable as ideas and praise!

prefer fun over realism (in my games, at least), but that's just me.
I agree with you, however I think a living world where the time passes are more fun than a static boring worlds ( That might just be me )

We'll have to wait and see how you guys will think about these things. But the TBE stays they are too fun to remove

Divinity 2 blundered as well, but the devs were bound and determined to go away from what works and try something different.
Well, I happen to know that for Divinity 2 the devs where thinking wow it would be really cool if the main char turned into a dragon… and after that they tried it and it looked so cool when he turned into a dragon that they decided it has to be there. However they did not put enough consideration into the gameplay and development costs aspects, so the dragon part kind of become a negative to the game instead.
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