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March 16th, 2010, 17:19
I think that large number of NPCs slowing down the game is because it seems to be more CPU dependent than GPU dependent. I played it on an X2 4800+/7600GT 256MB and an Intel P8600/ATI 4850 512MB and there wasn't much difference in performance, although the Intel was a bit smoother but the CPU is a bit "better" than the 4800+.

Just not really interested in this at all. Not my type of game for online play(mainly only play FPS online, or more specifically TFC and Fortress Forever). I wish that they had emphasized the RPG elements more and expanded upon the plot line, game scripting modernization(at least dump in python if not lua), etc. in a single player game expansion. I really fear that this may be a bust for them and spell the end of Tale Worlds…
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